$150 Cannabis Ounces for Sale in Massachusetts

Since marijuana was legalized in Massachusetts back in 2016, it’s become relatively simple to find cannabis. What’s still tough is finding affordable cannabis, especially at the quality level buyers expect. But budget-minded buyers looking for affordable weed shouldn’t despair. Eskar is here to help with cheap ounces on sale at the bargain rate of just $150.

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Cannabis Prices in Massachusetts

How much buyers should expect to pay for marijuana in the Bay State will naturally vary depending on the strain, potency, quantity purchased, and any deals or discounts. Other factors like the overall supply of cannabis in the market and new or changing business costs can also affect prices. State data from recent years has shown prices averaging between $8 and $12 post-pandemic, which translates to roughly $225 to $335 per ounce. Premium strands may exceed this amount, while budget-friendly ones can come in a few dollars under.

Eskar’s $150 Ounces On Sale

While many dispensaries may offer sales or provide discounts for buying in bulk, few offer cheap ounces quite like Eskar. Our Northbridge and Arlington locations offer sales that price ounces at just $150. That breaks down to less than $5.50 per gram for the quality flower buyers have come to expect from Eskar. That’s some of the most affordable marijuana you’ll find anywhere.

Don’t Delay – Grab An Ounce of Affordable Weed From Eskar Before It’s Gone!

Prices like these aren’t available every day, and as you can imagine, affordable cannabis like this doesn’t last long. These deep, deep discounts can save marijuana buyers significant amounts of cash – something we can all appreciate with prices on the rise across the economy. But you can rest assured that no matter what the cost, Eskar is committed to delivering some of the Bay State’s finest cannabis flower and other marijuana products. Stop in to our Northbridge or Arlington locations or call today to check availability and learn more about this quality, affordable marijuana.

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