253 Farmacy

Have you ever heard of kosher cannabis? If so, you may have heard of one Massachusetts brand: 253 Farmacy.

Whether you’re looking for a cannabis brand that focuses on sustainable practices or simply want to try Kosher-certified cannabis, 253 Farmacy is the brand to look for on dispensary shelves. Take a closer look at this cannabis brand, its products, and more below.

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253 Farmacy Product Information

253 Farmacy is a vertically integrated cannabis business located in Turners Falls, MA that was established in 2019. The brand calls itself a craft cannabis company with a passion for the actual plant over the money the plant can make. Many of 253 Framacy’s branded products are Kosher certified and brought to life under the strictest standards. But beyond the impressive focus on product quality, 253 operates on the fundamental value that being kind to the environment and supporting the community is a must.

The 253 Farmacy Product Collection

253 Farmacy produces a full collection of flower, edibles, pre-rolls, and more. However, their most highly sought-after product happens to be their cannabis flower. 253 offers standard flower nugs, as well as Shake Packs of ground trim, Nano Nugs, and Lifted flower pouches in Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid picks. A few picks you may catch on MA dispensary menus include:

  • Orange Chiffon
  • Gas n Fruit
  • Emergen-C
  • Gush Mints
  • Banana Cooler
  • Animal pops
  • Gypsy Soap
  • Tumz
  • Cake Crasher

253 Farmacy FAQs

What is Kosher cannabis?

Kosher cannabis is cannabis that has been grown and produced in a way that meets the Kosher Certification standards set forth by Whole Kosher Services. To gain this certification, cannabis must be produced in an exceptionally clean way and without the use of any animal products.

How potent is 253 weed?

253 Farmacy weed can be pretty potent. However, each strain can have its own potency and the brand does try to provide a nice range of potencies to pick from. Some of the highest-THC contenders include London Pound Mints II, Emergen-C, and Cask Crasher, all of which have THC ranges of more than 33 percent.

Is 253 weed indoor or outdoor cannabis?

253 Farmacy’s flower is grown in a highly controlled indoor cultivation facility. The brand operates a 33,000-square-foot cultivation facility as part of its vertically integrated business.

253 Farmacy Review

People have nothing but good things to say about 253 Farmacy cannabis products, whether it’s the brand’s premium flower or other manufactured products. The brand offers one of the most impressive collections of flower strains, some truly high-potency options, and something for everyone to appreciate.

Where to Buy 253 Farmacy in Massachusetts

253 Farmacy cannabis products can be found in multiple dispensaries throughout the state of Massachusetts. 253 does have its own dispensary, but they also offer its products wholesale so people have access to their products all across the state.

Buy 253 Farmacy Products at Eskar

At Eskar, we’re all about stocking our dispensary shelves with products that are made with the utmost quality in mind. 253 Farmacy definitely fits the bill with its kosher cultivation practices and dedication to sustainable processes. Be sure to take a look at our menu in Arlington and Northbridge to find 253 Farmacy cannabis.

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