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At their heart, Betty’s Eddies are high-quality cannabis edibles made using organic ingredients like fruits and vegetables combined with Full-Spectrum cannabis extract. These treats come in a variety of flavors and are made for a variety of specific uses.

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Betty's Eddies Reviews

Delicious flavors and they work very well! I have to try more of the wonderful flavors that are available.

Karen O'Shaughnessy Review via Facebook

They taste delicious and work very consistently

Susan Foster Bagtaz Review via Facebook

So delicious and definitely inspires a sense of chill. I just love the Smashin Passion

Jennifer Redd Review via Facebook

Betty's Eddies Product Information

Betty’s Eddies FAQs

How strong are Betty’s Eddies?

The THC dosage levels vary to abide by state regulations. Each piece has five milligrams, with ten total pieces in a package.  So, the strength of these edibles can be decided by you – simply take whatever dose you need for your desired effects.


  • Start with one piece and wait up to 2 hours for effects for your first time.
  • Remember that you can always eat more. It can be a less than desirable feeling if you take more than you can handle.
  • Try out a few different types to find the best edible for your needs – you can even mix and match once you’ve tried them all.
  • Don’t take them if you’ll need to drive within ~12 hours.

Are Betty’s Eddies Vegan?

Yes! All Betty’s Eddies products are vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free. Check the individual labels to find the exact ingredients used.

Who makes Betty’s Eddies?

The Betty’s Eddies founders sold their company to MariMed Inc in 2017. This ownership group also produces other popular brands like Bourne Baking, Kalm Fusion, and Nature’s Heritage.

Betty’s Eddies Product Line

  • Little Lemon Heaven: A sweet and sour experience unlike any other
  • Lime a Good Person: An ultra-sweet journey you must experience to believe
  • Orange You Beautiful: Citrus-y magnificence that’ll leave you wholly impressed
  • O’ My Grapeness: Flavorful grapes land on centerstage to tantalize your taste buds
  • Berry Good Things: All your favorite berries come together to leave you mesmerized
  • Tango for a Peachy Mango: A tropical journey with just the right level of sweetness
  • Smashin’ Passion: Your source for pure passion fruit flavors from beginning to end
  • Elderbetty: A mix of zinc, vitamins C and D, and elderberry for complete immune support

Our favorite?

  • Bedtime Betty’s: Where agave, lemon, and melatonin meet to bring the Zzz’s with ease

With the exception of Bedtime Betty’s and immune support products, the main difference between these products is flavor.

Betty’s Eddies Review

Not many edibles in Massachusetts are as popular as Betty’s Eddies. From dispensaries to producers, to avid users; these edibles are widely renowned for their great taste and potent cannabinoid levels. Bettys reviews across the web point to a positive reception whether they’re looking to be used for stress relief, better sleep, or something different altogether. Stop in to see us today and find a quality selection of Betty’s Eddies products.

Where to Buy Betty's Eddies in Massachusetts

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While you certainly have plenty of options, there’s no better place to buy your Betty’s Eddies edible cannabis products than Eskar dispensaries. With locations in Northbridge and Arlington, Eskar offers a wide variety of Betty’s Eddies and other brands. You can purchase their products here at Eskar.

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