Entourage Cartridges

Looking for a full-spectrum cannabis vaping experience? Entourage cartridges definitely deliver. These carts are getting a lot of attention because of their high-quality formulation and smooth delivery of high-potency extract. If you’ve yet to experience Entourage cartridges for yourself, we’ve pulled together some of the details below to give you a formal introduction.

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Entourage Cartridges Product Line

In the world of cannabis science, the “entourage effect” is a theory proposed by researchers that explains that all of the constituents from the cannabis plant work together synergistically. So, in other words, when you use cannabinoids and terpenes together, you may have a more profound experience because those compounds work together. Call it a creative marketing ploy, but Entourage carts really do deserve the name.

Entourage Carts – Available Strains

Entourage cartridges carry the names of the strains from which the extracts inside the cart are derived. Therefore, it’s easy to track down your favorites, and the brand serves up some of the most popular strains of cannabis to give customers what they truly want.


A few of the more noteworthy Entourage cartridges you’ll see on our menu at Eskar include:

Just as the raw flower bearing the same strain names, these carts have similar flavors, effects, and potency levels as the flower itself. So, these THC carts are exceptionally popular among our customers. For that reason, what carts we have available can vary from day-to-day.

Why are Entourage carts darker in color than other vape pens?

Entourage uses an ethanol-based extraction method, which yields a darker, richer oil that still has the natural terpenes from the strain still present. What you get then, is a truly full-spectrum experience more capable of serving up that telltale entourage effect. Many other vape carts are made with basic cannabis distillate, which is clear, strips away terpenes that get added back in later.

Reviewing the Entourage THC Cartridge

Entourage is a relatively new brand, so there’s not yet a lot of talk on Reddit or otherwise, even though that’s bound to change soon. Our customers have definitely given positive feedback about Entourage cartridges, and the few reviews from other users across the internet are especially positive as well. What people like:

  • The authentic, terpene-rich flavors associated with the real strain
  • The smooth richness of the vaping experience
  • The fact that the product is manufactured right in Massachusetts

Where to Buy Entourage Cartridges in Massachusetts

THC carts are a pretty popular item on our menu among cannabis enthusiasts already, but Entourage cartridges are offering a truer experience for the user. With that being said, we’re pretty excited about this particular brand. If you need help finding the cart that offers the right strain for your preferred experience, be sure to talk to our budtenders when you stop in for a visit.

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