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Live Flower from Mari Med (Nature's Heritage)

Live Flower is a new type of marijuana developed by Mari Med. It’s treated with a unique process designed to create, in the company’s words, “the freshest cannabis flower available.” With a one-of-a-kind smoking experience and effects, it’s a potentially game-changing advance in the cannabis production industry.

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Live Flower from Mari Med Product Info

Who makes Live Flower from Mari Med?

Nature’s Heritage Live Flower is made by Mari Med, a decade-old cannabis producer that creates top-quality products it oversees from seed to sale. Mari Med operates more than 300,000 square feet of cultivation facilities, which employ cutting-edge technology and proprietary techniques to produce cannabis flower and other derivatives for dispensaries in several states, including Massachusetts. With a variety of brands, users will be able to find the perfect product and potency for their needs, whether they’re medical or recreational.

How Is Live Flower from Mari Med made?

Mari Med creates this ultra-fresh flower through a “FreshCure” curing process, which flash freezes the cannabis within hours of it being harvested. This preserves the natural cannabinoids and terpenes, which can often degrade through other methods of the drying and curing process. It also eliminates the several-week-long drying process that most traditional cannabis goes through. The Nature’s Heritage Live Flower is then treated using Mari Med‘s barrel-curing guidelines, which vary by strain. It’s even packaged in special, extra-heavy, opaque glass jars with extra-tough sealing membranes, keeping the cannabis as fresh as possible until it’s ready to use.

Live Flower from Mari Med Review

While the differences in production may seem small, the extra care and high-tech techniques used by Mari Med make Live Flower a product unlike any other cannabis on the market. It’s best enjoyed in bowls, bongs, and blunts, which take advantage of its unique composition and texture. With freshness unmatched by any other brand, users will enjoy terpene and cannabinoid effects like they’ve never experienced.

Where to Buy Live Flower from Mari Med in Massachusetts

Luckily for cannabis lovers in the Bay State, Mari Med products can be purchased at more than 50 dispensaries throughout Massachusetts. They range from the tip of Cape Cod to the borders of New York, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire. No matter where you live, chances are a Mari Med dispensary is close by.

Buy Live Flower from Mari Med at Eskar

While you may have plenty of choices to buy Live Flower from Mari Med, the best choice is clear – Eskar. With two dispensaries located in Northbridge and Arlington, buyers can enjoy not only the finest Mari Med products but also top-quality service from knowledgeable staff. Stop in today to try this unique product from one of Massachusetts’ top dispensaries.

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