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Love the idea of cannabis products made with natural ingredients? The Coast Cannabis Co. is a brand of products to watch for at your favorite MA dispensary. Take a closer look at Coast Cannabis Co. below.

Who Is Coast Cannabis?

The Coast Cannabis Co. is an MA-based cannabis product manufacturer that produces a line of edibles and vape carts. As one of the first independently-owned product manufacturers in the state, Coast Canna Co. works hard to maintain a commitment to the surrounding communities. The company is known for using all-natural and quality ingredients without additives, fillers, or artificial dyes in any of its products.

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The Coast Cannabis Company Product Line

Coast Canna Co focuses on three primary types of products:

  • Coast Bars – Chocolate bars infused with cannabis oil
  • Coast Infused Gummies – Infused gummies made with organic and natural ingredients and distilled cannabis oil
  • Coast Vape Cartridges – Strain-specific vape carts made with distilled cannabis oil

What’s in Coast vape carts?

Coast vape carts are made with distilled cannabis oil and terpenes for flavoring. The carts do not contain additives or filler ingredients that can pose concerns for some users.

How potent are Coast gummies?

Coast gummies contain 5mg of THC per gummy. However, some gummies are not just THC-specific; some contain other cannabinoids like THCV and CBD. Be sure to read your product package so you fully understand the potency of the product.

Coast Cannabis Co. Product Reviews

The Coast Cannabis Co. is relatively new, so there’s not a lot of buzz on sites like Leafly or Weedmaps just yet. However, these products are a favorite among our customers here at Eskar. The products are all high-quality, well-packaged, and flavorful. For example, one of our own gave a Coast Tangerine gummies review stating they had loads of flavor and delivered a perfectly relaxing buzz. These gummies offer a 1:1:1 ratio of THC, CBD, and CBG.

Where to Buy Coast Canna Co. Products in Massachusetts

Coast Cannabis Co. products are available at recreational medical cannabis dispensaries located throughout the state. Since Coast is relatively new to the product market, distribution to retailers is not as extensive as it can be with some more-established brands. So be sure to grab Coast products from MA dispensaries when you get the chance.

Find Coast Cannabis Co. Products at Eskar

Eskar builds its cannabis menu by pulling together products we trust to be high-quality for our customers. If you are looking for Coast Cannabis products, be sure to take a look at our menu to find Coast bars, gummies, and more.

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