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Frequently Asked Questions About Concentrates

How are concentrates made?

Each concentrate type comes to life through its own unique process. Some concentrates are made with solvents, while others involve more scientific processes using heat, pressure, and evaporation.


How do you use concentrates?

Concentrates are highly potent. Therefore, they are best used in tiny quantities known as dabs. A dab can be about the size of a grain of rice or less and can be smoked using a dab rig. As the concentrate is heated, the vapors produced are inhaled to get the desirable effects.

Why choose concentrates?

When you buy concentrates, you’re getting a concentrated form of terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids from the plant. Concentrates are essential extracts that take on a number of forms. Often referred to as “dabs,” concentrates deliver high-potency experiences in many forms.

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Where to Buy Concentrates in Northbridge, MA

You can buy everything from hash and live resin to budded and crumble at Eskar. If you are new to concentrates and extracts, be sure to trust our team to help you find the right experience. You can also check out our menu and order ahead for pickup.

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