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What is cannabis "flower" ?

The fully matured buds, covered in cannabinoid-rich trichomes, is otherwise known as cannabis flower.

What are cannabis strains?

Each flower in a dispensary will have a unique strain name, such as Banana Punch or OG Kush. These strain names are unique attributes given to the plant by the cultivator. Each strain can be different in terms of the cannabinoid content, dominant terpenes, appearance, flavor, and more.

How do you use cannabis flower?

The most traditional way of using cannabis flower is smoking, either by rolling into a joint or smoking with a pipe or bong. Flower can also be used to make your own edibles and topical at home.

  • Roll a joint or blunt
  • Use a vaporizer
  • Use a pipe (traditional, water, chillum, Gandalf… you name it)
  • Extract THC for edibles & concentrates

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Where to Buy Flower in Northbridge, MA

Cannabis flower is available through recreational and medical dispensaries in MA, including here at Eskar. We go to great lengths to build an impressive collection.

We bring together local favorites, legendary picks, and more to give you an elite collection of cannabis flower. When you buy cannabis flower from Eskar, you get flower harvested at the peak of perfection, cured to retain the flavor and aromatics, and equipped to deliver a memorable experience. So when you want quality bud that’s reasonably priced, hit our line.

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