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Nature’s Heritage Cannabis Products

Looking for a premium cannabis experience? The Nature’s Heritage (NH) brand of cannabis products is bound to suit you regardless of how you prefer to experience cannabis. Referred to as “Rooted in Excellence,” Nature’s Heritage cannabis products include cured flower, pre-rolls, extracts, concentrates, and more. Take a closer look at Nature’s Heritage below.

nature's heritage product collection

Who is Nature’s Heritage?

Nature’s Heritage is a company that offers a premium line of branded cannabis products. The brand sets itself apart by offering unique strains carefully cultivated using seeds and genetics from some of the finest cannabis lineages internationally. Cannabis products are 100 percent organically grown here in the US.

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Nature’s Heritage Cannabis Products Lineup

Nature’s Heritage offers a comprehensive collection of pretty much all things cannabis. From flower to vapes, this brand has a nice selection to consider no matter what way you prefer to consume your cannabis. The NH product lineup includes:

  • 3.5g Jars of Cured Flower and 7g Jars of Popcorn Bud
  • 1g Pre-Rolls and Mini Pre-Roll Tins with 5 x 0.5g Pre-Rolls
  • 1g Infused Pre-Rolls and Infused Mini Pre-Roll Tins with 5 x 0.5g Pre-Rolls (75% flower and 25% solventless bubble hash)
  • 1g Concentrates, including Bubble Hash, Kief, Live Rosin, Live Resin, Diamonds & Sauce, and Batter
  • Nature’s Heritage Distillate Vape Carts
  • 25mg RSO Capsules and 1mL RSO Syringes

Nature’s Heritage FAQs

Where is Nature’s Heritage cannabis grown?

NH cannabis is grown right in the US. Nature’s Heritage cannabis is grown by Kind Therapeutics USA cultivation facilities, one of which is located right in Maryland.

What’s the difference between NH popcorn buds and cured flower?

NH popcorn buds are smaller and a bit less dense than the standard cured flower. Normally, popcorn buds are the smaller, less-developed buds that grow on the lower parts of the cannabis plant.

How potent are Nature’s Heritage cannabis products?

The potency levels with NH products can range a great deal from one product to the next. Cannabis flower THC potencies tend to fall within 15 and 35 percent. However, extracts, concentrates, and vapes can be much more potent. Be sure to get a good look at the label on any product you are considering so you know what to expect.

What strains does Nature’s Heritage offer?

Nature’s Heritage utilizes an archive of unique genetics from around the globe. Therefore, they create a number of unique strains that harness some of the most desirable elements of different plants. A few of the top strains produced by NH include Berry Citrus Slurricane, Sour Pink Lychee, Dosi-Woah, Mojito, and Oro Blanco.

Where to Buy Nature’s Heritage Cannabis Products in MA

Nature’s Heritage products are available in select dispensaries in both Maryland and Massachusetts. In MA, look for products in both adult-use and medical dispensaries, including right here at Eskar in Northbridge. The brand is highly regarded for its top-quality products, which means the products are also highly sought-after by MA residents. Be sure to take a look at our Northbridge dispensary menu to catch NH products and reserve your order ahead for pickup.

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