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Sweet, earthy, and bound to leave you in a state of absolute bliss, Purple Reign is just as gorgeous to look at as it is to experience. This hybrid is the direct descendent of Royal Purple Kush and Recon OG, both of which have made a name for themselves in the world of weed.

What is the Purple Reign Strain?

You’ll have no problem finding the beauty in a nugget of flower taken from the Purple Reign strain. The flower is olive green with undertones of royal purple and sparkling trichomes that often also take on a purple hue. Take a closer look at Purple Reign below.

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How does this strain make you feel?

The top reported effects of Purple Reign are happy, concentrated, and relaxed, perhaps not so surprising since these are some of the telltale traits of the parent strains in the genetics. The “high” begins with an acute sensation of uplifted relaxation that leaves you feeling a little euphoric, and it is quickly followed by an all-over body high and serene condition. The strain is popular for chronic pain due of its long-lasting high, but it is also popular for mental health conditions such as stress and depression.

How does Purple Reign taste?

Purple Reign is noted for being extremely tasty, because of its extensive variety of terpenes. On the inhale, most people notice the spicy/herbal flavor, but there is a lingering sweetness of berry that reaches the back of the tongue and a kick of grapefruit on the exhale.

How does Purple Reign smell?

The Purple Reign aroma comes across as earthy and spicy with accents of fruit and sun-ripened berries. Highly aromatic, this strain gets a lot of props because of its profoundly layered smell that can be slightly different depending on the grower.

What are some strains that are similar to Purple Reign?

Purple Reign has a few commonalities when it comes to terpenes and cannabinoid concentrations. So, a few others you can try with similar attributes include:

  • Turbo Diesel
  • Peach Ozz
  • Jack’s Grape
  • Bazooka Joe G

Is Purple Reign predominantly an Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid strain?

The Purple Reign strain is a Hybrid. However, it is an Indica-dominant Hybrid, which means it carries more of the traits of the Indica cannabis lines.

What terpenes are typically present in the Purple Reign strain?

Purple Reign has an interesting lineup of top terpenes: terpinolene, myrcene, and pinene. This combination is exactly what gives this strain it’s funky/sweet aroma and taste.

What’s the typical THC% of Purple Reign flower?

Purple Reign flower can have different concentrations of both cannabinoids and terpenes depending on the plant, where it was grown, and even how it was cured. One interesting thing to note about this particular strain is that it can be on the lower end of the THC scale at around 13 percent, but it may also reach as high as 23 percent or more depending on the grower.

How much does Purple Reign cost per 8th?

The price for Purple Reign varies depending on the location and exact supplier. However, at Eskar, an eighth of Purple Reign is about $40.

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Without question, as a reigning top choice among cannabis enthusiasts, Purple Reign is worthy of its name. Ready to try this strain for yourself? Be sure to take a look at our menu at Eskar, and take a look at our impressive collection of pre-rolls, edibles, and more while you’re there.

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