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The Rainbow Chip strain is a hybrid between Mint Chocolate Chip and Sunset Sherbert, with hints of chocolate-mint and fruit, boasting a euphoric high. A perfectly balanced Hybrid, Rainbow Chip has a nice balance of effects that energize the mind and settle the restless spirit.

What is the Rainbow Chip Strain?

The Rainbow Chip strain is a potent strain with flavorful roots and uplifting effects. Known for its trademark euphoric induction, quick-acting body tingle, and long-lasting effects, this is one strain you will want to experience. Here’s a closer look at Rainbow Chip below.

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How does Rainbow Chip make you feel?

The top reported Rainbow Chip effects reported on Leafly are: uplifted, euphoric, and happy. Make no mistake, Rainbow Chip is a bit of a heavy-hitter—the effects come on pretty fast and strong right after the first inhale. You’ll catch a good tingly effect that starts in your mind and then radiates outward through the rest of your body.

Because Rainbow Chip is a well-balanced hybrid, it tends to serve up this energetic buzz at the start that leaves you feeling a bit energized and possibly motivated to do something creative. The euphoria follows soon after, which can get you into a more social headspace. Therefore, this strain is a top pick among medical cannabis users looking for support for things like depression or anxiety.

How does Rainbow Chip taste?

Rainbow Chip has a multifaceted flavor profile. What starts out as sweet and almost chocolatey finishes on your tongue with quick sparks of mild mint and a bit of citrus. So, in other words, this strain’s taste has the perfect combination of flavors from both parents in the genetic lineup.

How does Rainbow Chip smell?

The Rainbow Chip strain’s aroma is all sweetness and fruit, but also offers this telltale hint of chocolate and herbal mint overtones. Depending on the strain, you may also get a heavier nose-hit of lemon, but this may also come across as a little less profound in the aromatics.

What are some strains similar to Rainbow Chip?

If you want a strain similar to Rainbow Chip, there are a few contenders when it comes to top terpenes and cannabinoids, such as:

  • Gasoline Zest
  • Sunshine Daydream
  • Strawberry Guava #7
  • Blue Monster

Is Rainbow Chip predominantly an Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid strain?

Rainbow Chip is a Hybrid strain with an almost matching ratio of Sativa and Indica genetics.

What terpenes are typically present in Rainbow Chip?

Rainbow Chip terpenes are what give this strain its yummy, sweet/minty flavor. The most dominant terpene is limonene, but the strain is also heavy on caryophyllene.

What’s the typical THC% in Rainbow Chip flower?

Rainbow Chip cannabinoids can vary depending on the grower. However, the general THC percentage range falls somewhere between 23 and 27 percent. As a side, Rainbow Chip is also a little heavier on CBD than some strains, which may run as high as 3 percent or more.

How much does Rainbow Chip cost per 8th?

Prices can vary. At Eskar, we’ve got Rainbow Chip priced at $55 an eighth (3.5 grams).

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