Eskar Northbridge

Recreational Cannabis Dispensary Near Hopkinton, MA 01748

Eskar Northbridge is only 19 min (10.6 miles) Southwest of Hopkinton via Main St

Eskar Northbridge

Why Visit Us From Hopkinton, Massachusetts?

When we established Eskar, we knew we wanted to make a new dispensary experience. We wanted our customers to feel welcome and comfortable. We envisioned a cannabis utopia that is educational, inviting and offers premium products, rather than merely a dispensary.

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Customer Reviews

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Eric VandenAkker
Eric VandenAkker
August 31, 2022.
1st time there today. Very friendly and helpful, cool looking place inside. Will def use them again !!
Jason 1802128
Jason 1802128
August 25, 2022.
Great dispensary in Northbridge. Large selection of flower & Pre-rolls, Friendly staff. Would recommend.
James Hawn
James Hawn
August 13, 2022.
Solid selection and good customer service
Swiss Mix
Swiss Mix
June 14, 2022.
Incredibly kind staff. I go here frequently. They always have what I need, and friendly advice to share. 5/5.

Eskar Northbridge

Reasons To Visit Our Dispensary

Yes, weed is legal in Hopkinton, MA, and you can read up on the laws in Hopkinton here.  If you’re shopping for cannabis near Hopkinton, you’re in the right place. The moment you enter our dispensary, you’ll realize the Eskar difference. Our shops are brightly lit, spacious and inviting. Cannabis products aren’t hidden behind the shelf. Instead, you have the opportunity to wander at your own pace and explore.

Order Ahead

Each item is displayed openly to allow you to see its color and quality. QR codes connect you to all the information you need about cannabinoid content, strain background, terpenes, and more. We want our shoppers to have access to all the knowledge they need to understand the benefits of each choice. If you found us while on the hunt for CBD in Hopkinton, also have CBD products products for sale. Check out our menu to learn more.

Order discreetly from your mobile phone, then pick up your order at the counter. Or, if you prefer a more hands-on experience, our skilled and passionate service representatives are happy to answer your questions. They can help you understand the benefits of each strain and product, and can guide you toward the ones that suit you best.

  • We are working to become the biggest dispensary in Massachusetts.
  • Our Northbridge location is just a 20-minute drive away from Hopkinton.

Our open, enjoyable format makes a dispensary visit an event to anticipate.

  • No lines.
  • No tight, dim spaces.
  • Supreme quality cannabis products.
  • Vast selection from flower, to vapes, to edibles and more.

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