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Recreational Cannabis Dispensary Near Watertown, MA

Eskar is a recreational marijuana dispensary near Watertown, located just 14 min (4.6 mi) North of Watertown via Common Street. We proudly serve recreational cannabis customers from Watertown, MA and beyond. Get directions.

Eskar Arlington Recreational Marijuana Weed Dispensary


Why Visit Our Closest Dispensary?

Eskar has an incredible selection of cannabis flower and pre-rolls, with strains of all varieties and strengths for consumers of all tolerances and needs. But there’s a lot more in Eskar’s bag of tricks, too. Try delicious edibles like gummies, chocolates, and baked goods, or a refreshing THC-infused beverage. Concentrates and extracts are also found in abundance, from kief to potent waxes and live resins. Don’t forget topicals and tinctures as well, perfect for discreet use in any situation. Eskar even offers many CBD products for those interested in the benefits of cannabinoids without the traditional “high.” Eskar’s mission is to educate you about all of these fantastic products with the help of our friendly, experienced budtenders, allowing you to make the best choices for your needs.

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Eric VandenAkker
Eric VandenAkker
August 31, 2022.
1st time there today. Very friendly and helpful, cool looking place inside. Will def use them again !!
Jason 1802128
Jason 1802128
August 25, 2022.
Great dispensary in Northbridge. Large selection of flower & Pre-rolls, Friendly staff. Would recommend.
James Hawn
James Hawn
August 13, 2022.
Solid selection and good customer service
Swiss Mix
Swiss Mix
June 14, 2022.
Incredibly kind staff. I go here frequently. They always have what I need, and friendly advice to share. 5/5.

Watertown Top Choice Dispensary

Visiting from Watertown? Things to Know

Eskar may not be the only dispensary near Watertown, but it’s far and away the best. It all starts with the exceptional selection of cannabis flower, available in sativa, indica, and hybrid varieties with varying potencies and effects. These are also available in convenient pre-rolls, perfect for group sessions or those on the go. In addition, Eskar customers can choose from a wide selection of marijuana edibles, including gummies, mints, chocolates, and even beverages and drink mixes. Eskar also offers many different concentrates and extracts from kief to RSO syringes and live resins, along with tinctures, topicals, and a full suite of CBD products, both alone and paired with THC.

Is weed legal in Watertown, MA?

Yes, medical and recreational marijuana are both legal in Watertown and throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. However, cities and towns can prohibit cannabis sales within their borders, though not its possession. In any case, neither Watertown nor Arlington does this. Residents and visitors over age 21 are allowed to possess up to an ounce of marijuana flower while out and about or ten ounces in their home. Up to five grams of concentrate or hash are also permitted. It remains illegal in Massachusetts to smoke weed in public or operate a vehicle under the influence of cannabis.

Other Reasons to Visit Eskar from Watertown, MA

Eskar’s Arlington dispensary may be only a short trip down the road from Watertown, but there’s still plenty to do in this charming town. Downtown Arlington is just a short walk or drive from Eskar, filled with shops and restaurants, as well as the historic Capitol Theatre. Visitors can also stroll the beautiful campus of nearby Tufts University or relax at one of several nearby parks like Alewife Brook Reservation.

Getting Here from Watertown, MA

Starting from Watertown Square, head north on Mt. Auburn Street/MA-16, and turn left on Common Street after 0.4 miles. Then, continue 2.1 miles on Common Street, taking the second exit at the roundabout to stay on Common along the way. Turn left onto Concord Avenue, then take an immediate right onto Channing Road, followed by another immediate left onto Cross Street. Continue for 0.9 miles, and turn right onto Lake Street, which you should follow for another 0.9 miles. When the road ends, turn right onto Massachusetts Avenue, followed by a quick left onto Marathon Street. Marathon Street terminates 0.3 miles later at Broadway, where you’ll take a right and find Eskar 0.1 miles down the road.

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