Rhode Island Dispensaries: Things to know

With many new states changing their cannabis laws, it’s important to stay up-to-date with not only your state, but surrounding states as well. Read on to learn more about the current state of dispensaries in Rhode Island.

Does Rhode Island have cannabis dispensaries?

Yes, Rhode Island does have several cannabis dispensaries that are up-and-running, but they are medical dispensaries, meaning you can not purchase cannabis there without a state medical card. These Rhode Island dispensaries follow strict protocols to only sell cannabis to those medical patients who qualify for treatment. Luckily, adult-use cannabis legalization is on its way as of June of 2021, but this bill still has a ways to go before it affects any actual legislation. Therefore, true adult-use Rhode Island dispensaries may still be a way out. In the meantime, we’ll be happy to serve you at either our Northbridge or Arlington locations in MA.

Can Rhode Islanders purchase cannabis from a Massachusetts dispensary?

Yes, RI residents can legally purchse cannabis from adult-use dispensaries in Mass. To remain fully compliant with state laws, you can drive to MA, purchase your cannabis at an MA dispensary, and then enjoy it privately during your visit to our state. Do keep in mind that there are still laws surrounding the transport of cannabis across state lines. So, anyone who travels back into RI should be a medical marijuana patient if they still have cannabis in their possession.

What should I bring with me to the dispensary?

Make sure you bring your state I.D, such as your driver’s license, or your passport. Even if you have an out-of-state ID, that is all you need to make your purchase by proving your age and birth date.

Visit the Closest Dispensaries to Rhode Island

Looking for a dispensary near Rhode Island? We’re elated to welcome customers to our MA dispensaries, even those customers who travel from our neighboring states. In a way, Massachusetts kind of hugs Rhode Island on two sides, so we’re here to welcome you right on into our closest dispensaries to Rhode Island with open arms.

Our Northbridge dispensary is just between 13 and 18 miles from the RI border, depending on the route you take. Our Arlington dispensary is just a bit further away at about 45 miles, but well worth the trip just the same, especially if you’re already planning a trip to Boston.

Why Visit an Eskar Dispensary Near Rhode Island?

Eskar is an up-and-coming name in MA cannabis dispensaries, but we are well worth the trip to either Northbridge or Arlington from RI. We take a modern approach to cannabis provision for the public. You may have visited other MA or Rhode Island dispensaries, but ours is far more distinguished and centered around giving you the most enlightening experience. At Eskar, you’ll find:

  • Marijuana products from a dispensary that is rooted in the best cultivation practices
  • A nice selection of flower, extracts, concentrates, and more
  • An open, inviting experience with time to browse and no pressuring salespeople

Our well-educated staff members are always available to help and guide you when asked, but we allow you to come in, get to know the products, and browse until you need our help.

Things to See and Do in Northbridge While Visiting Our Dispensary Near RI

If you make the trip to Northbridge in south-central MA to find cannabis, you have access to ample other things to see and do while you’re here. Northbridge is home to the Blackstone River Valley National Historical Park—three rivers actually flow through this one town, so there’s a lot of natural beauty to explore. While in the downtown area, grab some seafood at Pirate’s Cove or drive a mile out of the city center to Upton and check out the Red Rock Grill and Bar, which has this incredible meatloaf and laid-back atmosphere.

Things to See and Do in Arlington While Visiting Our Dispensary Near RI

Arlington is a pretty great place, which is why we chose this location for our dispensary. This small(ish) town is just six miles outside of Boston, so you have this eclectic mix of people, personalities, and food, which is pretty awesome. Head over to Spy Pond Park, check out the long list of historic sites, or head over to Amaze Escape to work your way out of prickly situations and win a prize. Good food is sprinkled in every corner of the city, from Mexicana at Acitron Cocina to BBQ at Blue Ribbon BBQ.

Looking for Adult-Use Dispensaries in Rhode Island? Make the trip to Eskar

We know you Rhode Islanders are anxious to get your own legitimate dispensaries—we’re anxious to see how the legalization process plays out ourselves! Until that happens, and even after, you’re more than welcome to come to see us at one of our dispensaries in MA.

Eskar is all about delivering the highest quality cannabis experience to every customer that walks into our door. You get to browse our selection, learn about our products, and take your time. If you have any questions before you make the drive, feel free to reach out to us so we can fill you in.

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