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What is the Stardawg Strain?

The Stardawg strain, sometimes referred to as “Stardog,” is said to be named because of its star-striking appearance. This famous flower is drenched in sparkling trichomes. But not only is the flower a true sight to behold, Stardawg has also gained its beloved status because of its flavor and effects. What started out as a lovechild between two famous strains has gained its own notoriety in the world of weed. Here’s your formal intro to Stardawg.

Stardawg Strain Genetics and Type

The Stardawg weed strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that resulted from a cross between the famed Chemdawg 4 and Tres Dawg. The result is a highly potent strain with THC percentage levels that can run well above 20 percent depending on the cultivar. This strain is not for the beginner cannabis user with its above-average potency. However, for true cannabis enthusiasts, Stardawg serves up an unrelenting high highlighted by intense flavors and aromatics.

Other Stardawg Weed Strain Details

How does the Stardawg strain make you feel?

The Stardawg strain is incredibly uplifting, delivering this energetic, happy sense of euphoria that may leave you a bit chatty in social situations. A lot of people claim Stardawg is an excellent cultivar for pain relief, but also for people with anxiety and depression. The Sativa lean on this particular strain makes it a go-to if you prefer to avoid the couch-lock that can come along with some Indica-leaning strains. Be forewarned, however, the effects of Stardawg can hit quickly and linger for quite a while after the encounter.

Which terpenes are present?

The primary terpene in Stardawg is caryophyllene, but the strain also boasts a fair amount of pinene. This combination explains the nice earthy, skunk flavors that the strain is known for, but also some of those uplifting effects.

What does Stardawg taste like?

Stardawg has a unique flavor composition that consists of quite a few layers. The initial hit usually comes across as diesel or chemical, but that flavor is rapidly followed by a spicy pine flavor that coats the tongue and sort of lingers in the back of the throat.

How does this strain smell?

True to the Chemdawg roots, Stardawg is one of the most aromatic strains out there. You can literally smell the chemical gassiness from several feet away, so if this fresh bud is out in a room, you can’t miss it. Burning the flower adds a new layer of richness to the aromatics, with telltale notes of earthen musk and skunk.

Strains Like Stardawg to Try

If you’re a fan of Stardawg, or if you simply want a strain with similar flavors and effects, a few good cultivars to try include:

  • Blue Hawaiian
  • Cake Breath
  • Peach Ringz
  • Sour Bubba

Wondering where to buy the Stardawg strain in MA?

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