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Looking for high-quality, farm-grown cannabis grown right in Massachusetts. EOS Farms is one brand to keep an eye on. A brand that focuses on regenerative farming practices, carbon impact, and growing clean and pure products, EOS Farms offers select strains with a high-end reputation. Take a closer look at this cannabis brand below.

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EOS Farms Product Info

Who is EOS Farms?

EOS Farms is an MA-based company that focuses on growing sun-and-soil-grown cannabis that is pure, clean, and always flavorful. Unlike some producers who solely have indoor grow operations, EOS farms grow cannabis in outdoor facilities where it is exposed to the elements, as it would naturally grow. The farm is located in Pittsfield, MA is one of the only outdoor cannabis grows in the state.

The EOS Farms Product Line

EOS Farms offers a nice list of strains, which are available as either raw flower or in prerolls. The cannabis grown by EOS Farms is in high demand, which means the selection for EOS flower can be limited at any certain time at most dispensaries. Some of the most popular cultivars from EOS Farms include:

  • Double O Kush
  • Candy Kush
  • Blueberry Cookie
  • Forbidden Glue

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*All products grown by EOS Farms are certified by the Cannabis Conservancy.

EOS Farms FAQs

Why is cannabis grown outdoors by EOS Farms good?

Outdoor cannabis is good because it is exposed to things like natural sunlight, clean oxygen, and rain. These natural elements allow the plants to thrive in the most essential ways without using synthesized forces to manipulate things like terpene or cannabinoid content.

What does all-natural mean with EOS Farms flower?

EOS Farms is considered all-natural because it is grown outdoors without the use of pesticides or inorganic materials. Therefore, what you get is a product that is clean and pure, free from chemical contaminants.

What is regenerative cannabis farming?

Regenerative cannabis farming involves mending the soil with every growing season so farming the land does not rob it of the nutrients necessary to sustain future growth potential. In other words, the cultivator works organic nutrients into the soil, which sustains the growing plants and also the soil where the plants are grown.

EOS Farms Review – What do people think?

EOS Farms products are in high demand in cannabis dispensaries. people enjoy the pure and clean products that are actually grown outdoors. However, they also enjoy supporting a brand that is so passionate about sustainable growing practices and supporting the growing cannabis industry.

Where to Buy EOS Farms Products in Massachusetts

You can find EOS Farms products at quite a few cannabis dispensaries in the state of Massachusetts, including in Northbridge. Strains available can vary from season to season, so be sure to keep an eye on product availability to try different EOS strains.

Find EOS Farms and Other Top Brands at Eskar

At Eskar, we hand-select some of the highest-quality flower and cannabis-derived products for our menu. EOS Farms is one brand we are happy to make available to our customers. Be sure to take a look at our products pages to see more about the brands we find worthy of including on our menu.

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