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Tower Three is one of the premier producers of cannabis in the state of Massachusetts. This family-owned and operated company (including women and minority owners) based out of Taunton recently opened a 12,000-square-foot facility to grow Tower Three‘s top-tier strains with premium genetics. Their natural, organic process uses living soil free of pesticides and harsh chemicals and a tightly controlled environment, followed by a careful curing process that brings out the best of the flower.

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Tower Three Reviews

Only tried the Half pint but it’s amazing, by far the best I’ve had in years. I’ll absolutely be trying their other strains asap.

Personal-Molasses242 Review via Reddit

I’ve tried their flower. It's fire

Blenderbottle01 Review via Reddit

Tower three is absolutely one of the best 3 in the state by far. The team is great and that Dosidos cut is my favorite.

Goodwill710hunting Review via Reddit

Tower Three Product Line

Ten signature cannabis flower strains form the core of Tower Three‘s product line. They include uplifting sativas like Death by Lemons and Super Lemon PuTang, relaxing indicas like Knights Templar OG, White Truffle, and Dosido, and versatile hybrids including Half Pint, Kush Mints, and more. In fact, their Half Pint strain was the first place winner at the 2022 Harvest Cup! These are unique strains derived from some of the most famous and beloved varieties of weed out there, packed with a mix of terpenes and other cannabinoids. TAC (total active cannabinoid) levels in Tower Three‘s flower range from a mild 12% to a potent 36%. Tower Three cannabis is also available in a variety of convenient pre-roll choices, including multipacks.

Tower Three Review

While other cannabis producers use chemicals, fertilizers, and other harsh substances to alter the growth process, Tower Three‘s all-natural approach avoids those shortcuts. The result is a premium-quality product worth the extra time and energy. At the same time, this award-winning weed remains affordable and available for buyers. In addition, Tower Three‘s wide variety of strains and potency levels means cannabis lovers of all tolerance levels will find a type perfect for their needs. The company also delivers its weed in innovative packaging that keeps the flower or pre-roll fresher for longer, further improving the smoking experience.

Where to Buy Tower Three Cannabis in Massachusetts

Lovers of fine cannabis will be thrilled to learn Tower Three flower and pre-roll products can be found at dozens of dispensaries across the Bay State. Whether buyers are in big-city Boston, beautiful Cape Cod, or rugged western Massachusetts, Tower Three is likely just a short trip away. However, the availability of particular strains may vary from dispensary to dispensary.

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While there’s no shortage of choices for buying Tower Three, Eskar’s Northbridge and Arlington dispensary locations remain the best bet for cannabis shoppers. Eskar’s experienced budtenders can help buyers select the perfect Tower Three product along with any accessories they need. With affordable prices and a diverse selection, buyers will be back for Tower Three and other products again and again.

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