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Buy Edibles in Massachusetts

So, you’re ready to try cannabis-infused edibles? You’re in for a treat, metaphorically and literally. Some would say edibles open up an entirely new world for weed enthusiasts. The effects are unique, the experience lasts longer, and you have a lot of edibles in MA to explore.

Word to the wise, however, legitimate cannabis edibles from a Massachusetts dispensary may be a far cry from homemade pot brownies you’ve tried in the past. To get you started with buying edibles in MA, we’ve pulled together some specifics below.

Where to Buy Edibles in Massachusetts

For the sake of safety, it’s best to trust only a licensed cannabis dispensary like Eskar for cannabis edibles in MA. Doing so is the only way to ensure you are getting a well-made product that contains a consistent, reliable dose, which is super important with edibles. Not to mention, when you buy edibles at a dispensary in Mass like Eskar, you get the expert guidance of a professional to help you narrow down the products that will best serve your preferred experience.

Types of Edibles You Can Buy in MA

Massachusetts is relatively new to legalized cannabis in comparison to states like California or Colorado. Nevertheless, you do have a nice selection of edible types to pick from. Pretty much anything that can be eaten can be infused with cannabis or a cannabis extract of some sort. A few edibles types include:

  • Mints and hard candies
  • Chews and Gummies
  • Chocolates and chocolate bars
  • Seltzers and other infused beverages
  • Cookies, brownies, cereal treats, and baked goods

As a side note, capsules containing THC and cannabinoids are also classified as edibles because they are basically consumed in the same fashion.

A Few Examples from Our Menu…

We do our best to stock the most popular and highest quality edibles on our menu. The menu evolves all the time, but a few favorites typically have on rotation come from the following edible manufacturers:

  • Bettie’s Eddies
  • Coast Cannabis Co.
  • Garden Remedies
  • I Am Edible
  • Kiva Confections

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How to Dose Edibles

In the state of Massachusetts, infused edibles can only contain 5mg of THC per serving, which is a good conservative starting dose. Every edible you buy at Eskar will be divided into these 5mg doses, even chocolate bars will have the telltale score marks, so you know exactly what constitutes your 5mg serving.

Remember, THC in edibles can be more intense, so you may not need as much as you would if you were smoking flower. Starting with 5mg is a good plan for beginners. Wait a few hours to monitor how that affects you before you decide to consume more than that. It is far better to adjust your dose the next time than to take too much.

When to Take Edibles

Make a plan to consume edibles in a safe place where you can unwind and not be expected to leave for a while. Go ahead and anticipate the euphoric effects to last for as long as eight hours. You don’t want to take edibles if you are expected to leave the house, go to work, drive, or do anything that requires your full focus.

Common FAQs

How do edibles work?

Edibles are broken down by your digestion system, which is why it can take some time for the effects to settle in—as much as an hour or two with some types. Once you eat an edible and it’s processed, the THC makes its way to your bloodstream. For most products, you’ll experience peak euphoria at about an hour after ingestion, but those effects can linger for several hours.

What can you do if you take too much of an edible?

If you remain conscious of how much THC you consume, you should be able to negate a bad experience by keeping your dose low. Nevertheless, accidentally consuming too much is a bit more of a risk with edibles. If you do experience negative side effects, try to sleep off the effects. You can also take CBD oil if you have some on hand, which may help counteract the effects of THC.

Should you eat when taking an edible?

It’s a good idea to eat a bit before taking an edible. If you eat afterward, you may actually intensify the effects inadvertently. Unlike when drinking alcohol, eating food after getting high from an edible will only make the experience more intense.

High Quality Edibles for sale in Massachusetts

Edibles in Massachusetts can be a lot of fun to explore, especially if you are already familiar with other forms of cannabis. If you’re ready to start your own journey of edible exploration, be sure to check out our collection of edibles at Eskar.

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