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What People Are Saying About Fernway Products

I really enjoy using Fernway products. I have used several different carts over the past 6 months. I feel Berry Haze to be one of my favorites for both taste and effects. I highly recommend it.

ci Review via I Heart Jane 12/26/2021

Berry Haze is the top 3 in my experience. Always get a good high and helps in the areas I’m looking for.

c6 Review via I Heart Jane 3/10/2022

The berry haze is great. It tastes good and gets you high.

r8 Review via I Heart Jane 4/16/2021

One of my favorite products. Simulating, but not too much. I am a medical user, so for recreational users this is strong.

t1 Review via I Heart Jane 1/17/2022

Great mellow flavor, takes the edge off of a long day at work. Would definitely buy again!

j1 Review via I Heart Jane 7/26/2021

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