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Recreational Cannabis Dispensary Near Bellingham, MA 02019

Eskar Northbridge is only 20 minutes (10.6 miles) East of Bellingham via Northbridge St.

Eskar Northbridge

Why Visit Our Dispensary Near Bellingham, MA?

At Eskar, we aim to provide a first-class dispensary experience that is educational, enjoyable, and relaxing. Take in each product’s appearance, color, and other features. If you’re curious about a particular strain? Click the QR code to bring up its product page. There, you will find everything you want to learn about its genetics, cannabinoid content, terpenes, and more. You can even place an order right on the screen and have the product waiting for you before you go.

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This store is a diamond. You cannot even compare this to another dispensary as there is nothing to compare it to. It is gorgeous! The floorplan is well thought out and beautifully executed. A hands on experience equipped with knowledgeable friendly staff to talk you through the product and educate you on your experience if you have any questions.

Lauren Hunnewell Google Review

Great experience. Full range of quality products- leaf, vapes, edibles, glassware, etc. I could examine and smell different bud samples, discussing with a knowledgeable staff member before making my purchase. Really appreciated the wonderful customer service and look forward to going back!

Louis Somma Google Review

This place is phenomenal! Maider helped me out and walked me through personally. He took his time and gave me solid descriptions on just about everything. Google send you to the wrong building but they are legit 2 seconds down the street on the left. I would highly recommend this place and talk to Dave for the hookup!

mike mcgill Google Review

Customer service is great. They're fun, friendly and knowledgeable. Great choice of bud, clean facility and smiling faces. Everyone is willing to help and talk. Prices are reasonable, not over the top.

jeff holman Google Review

Here's why we're worth the trip

Reasons To Visit Us From Bellingham, Massachusetts

1. Local Massachusetts Cannabis Brands & Producers

We do our absolute best to support our local community by stocking our shelves with local products from companies like Fernway and Entourage.

2. One-of-a-kind Retail Experience

With the legalization of adult-use cannabis in Massachusetts, we felt we had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to define the dispensary experience. The typical dispensary experience can be stressful. You wait in line to peer over the counter at products before making a quick choice. We aimed to create something new and different. At Eskar, you can wander the floor, where a wide array of products are displayed for your perusal. We don’t hound you and no one’s hurrying you along to make a purchase. At the same time, we rarely have wait times which means you can get in and out pretty quickly if that’s your goal.

3. Explore the local area

If you’re on your way to see us from Bellingham, MA, consider making a day out of it. Stop at New England Stake and Seafood, Alicante Restaurant & Lounge, or Muffin House Cafe in Mendon, all of which are right on your way to your our dispensary. Check out Lookout Rock, which is a historical landmark in Northbridge. If you’re coming from Northbridge on your way to Uxbridge, Lookout Rock is located off Quaker Highway on a meandering rural back road. At the right time of day during any season, you can catch a beautiful view of the Blackstone Canal stopover), the bridge, canal, and old Voss Farm neighboring River Bend Farm.

We Cant Wait To See You at Our Recreational Cannabis Dispensary!

We’re excited for you to experience Eskar. If you have any questions about visiting us from Bellingham, MA, don’t hesitate to contact us. We offer an extensive and ever-evolving array of cannabis strains, products, and accessories. Whatever you are looking for, we’ll help you find exactly the right products for you. Come check out what a dispensary experience can be. We’re looking forward to seeing you.

What To Expect

We want to ensure that everyone has the kind of dispensary experience they are looking for. Want to pick out what you want without having to say a word? Simply order using our intuitive interface. We’ll package your products so they are ready and waiting. Prefer a more hands-on approach? Our trained and knowledgeable staff is here to answer your questions and make recommendations. We even have classes available for those who want

Is weed legal in Bellingham?

Yes, cannabis is legal for consumption in Bellingham, as well as the whole state of Massachusetts. The difference in town to town is that some townships voted to allow recreational cannabis dispensaries while some voted to ban them. This is the case in Bellingham, MA where there is a ban in place for both adult-use retail stores and cannabis delivery services.

Cannabis laws & regulations

While there are no dispensaries in Bellingham, you are still allowed to consume cannabis in the township, just not in public. Read more about cannabis laws in Bellingham, MA.

Getting here from Bellingham

We’re a short ~20 minute drive from Bellingham via Mendon Road. It’s a pretty easy drive but if you need directions or a ride, we’ve got you covered.

Need a place to stay?

If you’re travelling and need a place to stay, there are ~18 stays available on AirBNB.

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