What is Craft Cannabis? - Craft Cannabis Products in Massachusetts


What is Craft Cannabis? – Craft Cannabis Products in Massachusetts

Craft cannabis almost always emerges as a prominent topic among premium cannabis aficionados. While large-scale cultivators undeniably produce exceptional flower, there is something to appreciate in the more focused and refined efforts of small-scale growers. Craft cannabis holds a small but high-demand corner of the Massachusetts cannabis market and for very good reasons. What is craft cannabis? We’ve got the details below, as well as some of the most treasured craft brands in the Bay State.

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Craft Cannabis – Cannabis Crafted with the Finest Care

Craft cannabis represents a pinnacle of cannabis cultivation, where meticulous attention to detail and a passion for the plant converge to produce truly exceptional flower. These growers tend to have smaller farms, more tightly controlled growing efforts, and prioritize nurturing the plant from seed to cure to highlight every small attribute and quality. Strains from these brands are not often found in bulk quantities, which makes both seeking out and enjoying a craft strain an experience to truly take in and appreciate.

Some of the Best Craft Cannabis Products in Massachusetts

1. Berkshire Roots

With a mission statement to love cannabis at its roots, Berkshire Roots is a true, through-and-through Mass cannabis brand known for its fine craft flower. Berkshire Roots has produced several award-winning strains, and they continue to bring new picks to dispensary menus that people can’t get enough of. While this cultivator has grown substantially over the years, they still follow the hand-trimmed, small-batch process with many of their strains. A few local favorites to look for on dispensary menus include Runtz, Mandarin Cookies, and OGKB.

Berkshire Roots Runtz Flower Product Image

2. Morning Dew Cannabis

Morning Dew is a very small cultivator situated in the Pioneer Valley in MA. This family-owned brand has produced some exceptional flower in the last few years, including picks like LSD, a heavy-handed Indica-dominant hybrid, and Razzberry Pie, a punchy fruit-tinged strain with exceptional euphoric energy. Morning Dew places a substantial amount of emphasis on growing cultivars with unique genetics and effects that end customers can appreciate.

3. Bailey’s Buds

Bailey’s Buds is a family-owned farm in MA that seeps an incredible amount of passion and care into the plants they grow. This brand is known for producing exceptional strains that you don’t find or see every day, such as Liberty Haze and Blue Dream Sour Jack. And the small batches produced tend to go fast because the brand has gained such a following. Every flower from this farm has exceptional potency and purity and could easily be referenced as some of the best strains in the state.

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At Eskar dispensaries in MA, we’re dedicated to providing a top-notch cannabis experience in every way. Our menu boasts a carefully curated selection of high-quality strains, including picks from the top craft growers in the state. Browse our menu in Northbridge and Arlington to find the above-mentioned brands and more that are known for producing some of the most sought-after cannabis.

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