Things to do in Arlington, MA

Planted just a few miles from Boston and not far from Cambridge, Arlington is a good stopping point for anyone planning a visit to Massachusetts. With an eclectic mix of places to see, a rich history, and lots to experience, you can spend a lot of time exploring all the things to do in Arlington, MA.

Whether you’re a history buff, fascinated with the arts, or need family things to do in Arlington, MA with kids, finding a suitable adventure is easy. Check out this list of fun things to do in Arlington.


The 6 Best Things to Do in Arlington, MA

1. Head to Menotomy Rocks Park

Menotomy Rocks Park has something to see and do for people of all ages. The park boasts over 35 acres of woods, countless trails, and a huge pond. So, whether you’re up for a long hike and some nature-watching, a bit of fishing, or simply some peace and quiet, Menotomy is a great place to go. Plus, the park is perfect if you are looking for things to do in Arlington, MA with kids because there is a playground on site.

2. Visit the Arlington Arts Center

The Arlington Arts Center (AAC) is one of the most popular attractions in the area with a great deal to explore and fun ways to spend your time. The arts center offers a variety of art classes, workshops, and performances, but it is also an excellent place to immerse yourself in the artistic history of the area. AAC boasts multiple gallery spaces to venture through, including outdoor galleries that host contemporary artists at certain times of the year.

3. Go Shopping on Massachusetts Avenue

If you’re up for shopping, Massachusetts Avenue is a vibrant street with a variety of shops, restaurants, and bars. It is a great place to find unique gifts or just people-watch. You’ll find places like Arlington Centered, a boutique-style gift shop, Helena’s clothing store, and The Stop & Shop, which has a bakery, deli, and a lot of in-house organic foods.

4. Check Out the Local Bars

When it comes to things to do in Arlington, MA bars may be at the top of the list—you’ll find some of the best tucked into city limits. A local favorite is The Heights Pub, which offers everything from beer on tap to cocktails and some of the best pub food you can ask for. Another prime stopping point for a good drink and atmosphere is just a few miles south of Arlington in Somerville. The Backbar was once mentioned as one of the coolest bars on the planet. This cocktail bar is known for offering an incredible mix of drinks, as well as periodic cocktail classes.

5. Take a Hike in the Minuteman National Historical Park

The Minuteman National Historic Park is a favorite place to go for some time in the great outdoors, and one visit will show you why. The park preserves the battlefields of the Revolutionary War, so you can walk onto the grounds and explore legitimate pieces of important history. However, the park is also a great place to hike, bike, or picnic.

6. Catch a Show at the Regent Theatre

The Regent Theatre is a historic theater that hosts a variety of performances, including concerts, plays, and comedy shows. The building itself was established over a century ago in 1916, and the theater is known for offering classic shows boasting themes of yesteryear. Therefore, every visit invokes a sense of nostalgia or immerses you in what feels like another era altogether.

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