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All sweetness and punch, the Banana Punch strain has a simple background that involves crossing Purple Punch with Banana OG. Nevertheless, the end result is a well-balanced hybrid strain with a slightly slow-to-the-party punch when it comes to the incredible levels of relaxation the strain is known for. Banana Punch flowers are easy to spot—the nuggets are almost caky in appearance with heavy golden and sometimes purple flower pistils and thick trichome coverage all over.

What is the Banana Punch Strain?

Sweet, punchy, and awesome when you need to kick back and relax, the Banana Punch strain is one you won’t want to miss. This particular strain is all about its telltale sweetness, thanks in part to its roots, but it also serves up a bounty of euphoric happiness to keep your mind and body in a good place. Here is a closer look at Banana Punch.

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How does Banana Punch make you feel?

Banana Punch is popular among medical users because it has this amazing ability to send you straight into uber relaxation. Therefore, this strain can be a good pick for people that deal with issues like chronic pain or even sleep disorders. One of the other reasons Banana Punch is well-known is because it is intensely euphoric with a nice uplifting “happy” effect. And, nearly half of reviewers on Leafly report the strain leaves them feeling tingly all over. Likewise, a lot of people refer to the strain as a “creeper” since the effects may hit a little unexpectedly.

Effects can vary slightly depending on the specific lineup of cannabinoids and terpenes, which may be slightly variant depending on the specific grower of the plant and that plant’s background.

How does Banana Punch taste?

True to the strain’s roots and much like its aroma, the most dominant flavors in Banana Punch are sweet, tropical, and pineapple. You might even describe the flavor as candylike. However, beyond that initial sweetness, you will likely get a hint of pine and a bit of spice at the end of a hit.

How does Banana Punch smell?

Banana Punch does not smell a whole lot like bananas, but you may catch a slight inkling of the fruit in the aromatic profile. But what you do get is a nice collaboration of tropical sweetness and fruit, almost like pineapple, mixed with a hint of earthy spice.

What are some strains that are similar to Banana Punch?

Looking for something like Banana Punch? You do have a few options that have similar terpene collaborations and effects, such as:

  • Mint Chocolate Chip
  • Sour OG Cheese
  • Black Cherry Cheesecake
  • Kandy Kush

Is Banana Punch predominantly an Indica, Sativa or Hybrid strain?

The Banana Punch strain is a well-balanced hybrid between indica and sativa.

What terpenes are typically present in Banana Punch?

The most dominant terpene in the Banana Punch strain is limonene. However, a few other noteworthy players make it to the mix, such as pinene and humulene. Of course, dominant terpenes can vary slightly depending on the grower.

What’s the typical THC% of Banana Punch flower?

The THC% of Banana Punch hovers around 18%-26%, depending on the genetics, growers, and time spent on the shelves.

How much does Banana Punch cost per 8th?

At Eskar, we have Banana Punch for sale for $50/eighth.

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